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1. Slurm Workload Manager

GLiCID can be accessed through a specialized set of login nodes. The workload manager regulates access to the system’s compute nodes. On GLiCID, the Slurm (Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management) Workload Manager is utilized. Slurm, a contemporary and adaptable batch system, is a freely available open-source resource manager commonly deployed globally on clusters of diverse scales. It is a best-in-class, highly-scalable scheduler for HPC clusters. It allocates resources, provides a framework for executing tasks, and arbitrates contention for resources by managing queues of pending work. To tell Slurm what resources you need, you will have to create a Slurm job script. A Slurm job script is a small text file containing information about what resources a job requires, including time, number of nodes, and memory. The Slurm script also contains the commands needed to begin executing the desired computation.