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1. prerequisites

  • Please read the status of the glicid cluster via the application GLiCID status page

  • You can also check on GLiCID forum that the subject has not already been covered.

2. Glicid Help

We inform you that, to help you more effectively with your tickets, we will now ask for more details in your requests.

First of all, it will now be mandatory to go through the GLiCID help web interface (available here: Glicid help) to open support tickets.

The only possible exemption is: in the event that you cannot connect with your GLiCID account. In this case only, you will be able to send an email to help@glicid.fr.

3. GLiCID support script.

3.1. For what

This script allows us to collect a lot of context information so that we can best answer your questions during a support intervention.

This script will allow you to detect possible problems more easily, and more autonomously, and above all will allow us, administrators, to have all the necessary context when you open a ticket on support (Glicid Help).

This additional context which will be systematic for the opening of tickets will allow us to respond much more effectively to your various requests.

3.2. When

We invite you to run this script before any support questions (except in the case of connection failures, adding software, etc.).

3.3. Or

You can find and run the script here:


3.4. How

The procedure to follow when you have any problem with GLiCID is therefore:

  • From the node on which you have a problem (or, if the problem does not directly concern a node, on a frontend), run the script:

  • The script will write a file to your user directory with the generation date and time and the username.

Example :

  • Go to Help Glicid

  • Create a ticket BY ATTACHING THE FILE

This script is obviously good for improvement! If you think that an element would be relevant to systematically add when creating tickets, let us know! You are the main actors of GLiCID.