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Clam is an authentication portal that is constantly evolving. We will update the documentation but it is possible that at some point the screenshots/functionality will not be quite the same

1. The team

1.1. Create Glicid account step

  1. Go to the GLiCID account manager profile page: clam.glicid.fr/accounts/profile and click on Join another..

  2. Create the test_team

  3. The team is awaiting approval by a Glicid administrator and will only be usable after validation.on.

    CLAM pending team
  4. Once the team is activated, you can see it in green in your profile page.


1.2. Use case for a team:

1.2.1. Case 1 :

The software license can only be used by a well-authenticated user group. Creating a team makes it easy to not authorize that members of the test_team have used this software.

On the cluster :

mkdir /LAB-DATA/GLiCID/users/john.doe@univ-nantes.fr/johndoesoft
chown john.doe@univ-nantes.fr:test_team /LAB-DATA/GLiCID/users/john.doe@univ-nantes.fr/johndoesoft
chmod g+rx /LAB-DATA/GLiCID/users/john.doe@univ-nantes.fr/johndoesoft

John doe can install and use the software that is in /LAB-DATA/GLiCID/users/john.doe@univ-nantes.fr/johndoesoft and share it with all test_team members